On9 — 10 October 2013

Enjoy an evening of wine tasting as you stroll through the streets of New Haven’s Historic 9th Square. Over a dozen businesses will be participating serving wine especially selected by The Wine Thief.

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Wines Tastings

Ananto Macabeo | dry crisp aromatic white.  fresh and some nice floral qualities.

Las Valles | dry and crisp.  exotic or tropical fruits on the palate and nose

Nonna’s Pinot Grigio | dry white with nice minerality.  tart or green apple on gthe palate

Claro Sauvignon Blanc | dry and herbaceous.  Gooseberry tart on palate.

Pfeffingen Riesling | medium dry riesling.  nice petrol aromas and white peach on the palate

Cavalo Baroa | medium bodied red blend.  soft tannins and cherry fruit

Nicolas Pinot Noir | light elegant red, nice high tone fruit/cranberry

Paulo Laureano | full bodied red blend.  pleasant earthy qualities.  nice grip and fruit

Baron de Funes | medium bodied red.  dry and chewy with nice fresh raspberry fruit

Porta Sole | soft meduim bodied dry red.  easy sipper/sapper

Nugan Cab | Full bodied chocolatelike cab with velvety tannin.

Domaine Bories Madiran | tannat is a dark grippy grape.  rich in antioxidants and known as the healthiest red varietal.

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  1. Had a great time last night getting to know the businesses in the area that I was not familiar with and tasting wine. Wish it was more than 2 hours. Did not have enough time to visit all participating businesses.

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