: ' Project Storefronts'

Project Storefronts Grand Opening: June 15, 2013

Project Storefronts is an award-winning program that brings fresh, innovative arts-related businesses to life in formerly vacant retail spaces in New Haven, by encouraging artists and entrepreneurs to test the viability of art and creative-inspired businesses. [...]

Project Storefronts features Jazz

Project Storefronts, 756 Chapel Street hosts  ”Free Jazz with Joe Morris”. Jazz musician, extraordinaire Joe Morris will be performing at Project Storefronts as well as strolling streets of the 9th Square. Also, check out the ongoing Metamorphosis/Project Butterfly [...]

Metamorphosis Project @ #BrewOn9

Project Storefronts, 756 Chapel Street, continues The Metamorphosis Project during #BrewOn9. The project starts off with small colorful paper butterfly shapes. A message of hope, a dream, or a wish is written on each butterfly and then [...]